Janitorial Bidding Software. Automate and Maximize Profit.

Janitorial Software is an important part of your business.

A good janitorial bidding software goes a long way into successfully and profitably bidding for jobs while helping you with your business branding.

Unfortunately, your options are very limited unless you want to be spending a fortune in start-up fees and recurring billing. After a lot of expert research done, we’ve found what we believe to be the perfect janitorial bidding software.

Janitorial Bidding

Before we present our findings, we feel it’s important to explain why you need a janitorial bidding software as well as the factors we used to base our decision on when reviewing popular and less popular janitorial software solutions.

Janitorial Software
Janitorial Software. A true asset for your Business.

Why you DO need a Janitorial Bidding Software

1. The greatest problem janitorial business owners encounter is pricing their services correctly. Some overprice their services, they lose clients and ruin their reputation. Others devalue their work and as a result, they leave money on the table. It is crucial that you obtain a good janitorial bidding software that can track your expenses and  suggest the optimal bidding. This way you’ll always run profitably while keeping your clients happy with your prices. Obviously, this shall help your business gain reputation and book loyal clients.

2. Janitorial bidding proposals must look professional. Some janitorial business owners don’t even know how a basic proposal should look like, not to mention a professional looking one. Not only must the price be right, the proposal must be as well. You can lose the game if either is wrong. The proposal OR the price. A professional janitorial bidding software can help you with the process and semi – automate the work for you. On top of making things right, you also free up time, which is precious.

How did we evaluate Janitorial Bidding Software solutions?

We used a variety of criteria to base our decision on and pick up the optimal janitorial software. We’ll only present the most important ones to save you the time of going through them all.

Correct Bidding: Your janitorial software must be able to analyze your costs based on your input and correctly estimate how much you should charge for your services.

Input Values and Client Database: This is in regards to the available options for input your janitorial bidding software comes with. Company Info, Client Info, Cost analysis (payment terms, contract length or hourly rates, taxation etc). Your janitorial software must also be able to store client info for future reference.

Proposal Printing & Branding: You want your janitorial bidding software to be able to prepare, export and print proposals that look professional and carry your business logo. This is crucial for your business acceptance, branding and reputation status.

Ease of use and Automation: You must be able to quickly learn how to use the janitorial bidding software your entire business will rely on and automate the process as much as possible down the road. We were looking for software that provide training on their usage as a basic factor.

Extras Included: Why settle for less if you can have more? We looked around for a janitorial bidding software that comes with lots of extra goodies to boost your cleaning business profitability.

Pricing: Janitorial software is a vital asset for your business. Investing in a good janitorial bidding software is a smart thing to do without a doubt. Our proposed janitorial bidding software comes with a one time investment only (no recurring fees), lots of extras and a 60 day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

The Janitorial Software we believe you should pick

Janitorial bidding softwareMeet the Ultimate Business Cleaning Package. This is by far the best janitorial bidding software we could get our hands on and try out and considering the extra components it comes with, it’s price is nearly a still. AND, as mentioned already, if you’re not completely satisfied with the software or any other component of the Ultimate Cleaning Business Package, you may return it for a full refund within 60 days.

The Janitorial Software you’ll be getting with this pack, along with the other components are already used by many Janitorial Businesses. In fact, the software’s sales page hosts a great deal of verified testimonials from cleaning business owners if you’d like to consult them prior to placing your order and see the janitorial software in action for yourself.

The Extras:

How to Start a Cleaning Business: A complete guide with information on starting a cleaning business. If you already are a cleaning business owner, we’d suggest that you still go through this guide, even briefly. There’s some valuable information for you too.

Contract Agreements: Includes, commercial cleaning agreements, sub-contractor agreements, sales representative agreements, cleaning specialist agreements, letter of releases, non-circumvention agreements, waiver & release of liability agreements, referral letters, press releases and more.

Janitorial bidding

Cleaning Business Invoice
Cleaning Business Invoice

Invoice Templates: Along with the janitorial software itself, you will also get invoices, purchase orders, business plans, marketing plans, price quotes and more. These come in Microsoft Word template files (you can also use OpenOffice.org) and all you have to do to use them is fill in your own company profile.

10 Audio Tutorials: These teach how to maximize a janitorial business profitability and efficiency.

Sales Letters and Forms: There’s a total of 10 sales letters and forms to help you operate your cleaning & janitorial. These are being constantly updated so make sure you check back often if you purchase this janitorial bidding software.

Premium Logos and Website Linking Addresses: Purchasing this janitorial software also gives you access to tens of premium, easily editable logos (if you need them) and 6000 website linking addresses if you need to back-link your website to increase leads and contract sales.




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