Cleaning Business Full Start Up Guide

Start a cleaning business complete, step by step guide. Find below the entire guide on starting a cleaning business, starting from Part 1 – The Industry’s overview, personal qualifications and start from home options.

Industry Overview and Personal Qualifications – PART I

April 12, 2012

Part I: Learning about the Industry. Profitability. Qualifications. You know what they say… if something can get dirty, it can get cleaned. Chances are people will pay to get their dirt cleaned up. And companies will too. No wonder this is a $49 billion a year industry trending to expand in the years to come […]

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Start-up costs of a Cleaning Business & Financing – PART II

April 7, 2012

Part I of our guide was about the fundamentals of the cleaning business industry. Now you know there’s two major cleaning business types and more than one ways to get started in this business. So, before finalizing your direction, you need to have as clear a view as possible about the costs involved in either […]

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Starting Up. Procedures, Promotion and Getting Clients – PART III

April 6, 2012

Now that you know how much it costs to start a cleaning business having read Part II of our guide, it’s time for you to decide the type of cleaning business you’re going to start. Residential or commercial, working straight from your home or going big, focusing on carpet cleaning or window cleaning or maybe […]

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Management. Expanding your Business for Maximum Profits – PART IV

April 3, 2012

You’ve set up your business, worked hard on getting your first contracts. What’s next? Before we dive into management related topics, let’s talk a little bit about expanding your business by getting more clients and adding services to your portfolio. To do that, you must improve your sales and marketing skills and familiarize yourself with […]

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Resources for YOU and your Cleaning Business – Part V

April 2, 2012

It’s been said already but it never gets old. To successfully start and operate a cleaning business, you must dramatically increase your skills in a wide array of matters. Starting from your cleaning skills, your sales and your management skills. You must learn how to present yourself and your business professionally, to build authority and […]

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