How To Start A Janitorial Business

If you’ve just begun searching how to start a janitorial business, are you in for a treat! Starting a janitorial business has become the dream of many with the relative market exploding to 40 billion dollars of estimate yearly worth.

The main reason of that happening is that today’s households have both the husband and the wife working full time to deal with expenses leaving them with very little to no time to handle the cleaning work required. Hiring a janitorial business is the only option for far too many households today, mainly in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

It’s either that or living with the filth or spend the already limited free time to deal with cleaning. Not that big a surprise but most people would love spending their limited free time on other tasks other than cleaning. Like spending time with their kids, watching a movie in the cinema or go for a walk…

Starting a Janitorial Business is the way to go

How to start a janitorial business
How to start a Janitorial Business

It is due to these facts that starting a janitorial business can be so lucrative, so profitable. On top of being hired to do home cleaning, starting a janitorial business offers a great deal of other opportunities as well. To name a few, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning and of course, commercial cleaning. It doesn’t matter which one you start to begin working with, they are all very profitable if you know what you’re doing. However, each of these services require different levels of training and equipment. This is why, looking for information on how to start a janitorial businessis the only way to get started.

So, before you look for more information on how to start a janitorial business (you can check out our full start-up guide by clicking here), you need to decide on the exact market you’re going to focus your first attempts on. Will your janitorial business dealing with carpet cleaning or maybe house cleaning?

Starting a Janitorial Business the easy way

To give you a heads up, the easiest way to starting a janitorial business is house cleaning. You can get started with no more than 400$, including costs for permits and licenses. The reason house cleaning is as easy as it gets is because the equipment required to get started is most likely already in your possession for your own cleaning needs. You can get started from using your home as base of operations and thus not having to pay rent for office and storage.

Getting your first clients in this case highly depends on your neighborhood status. Especially if you don’t use funds for marketing, branding and promotions. To get started, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call households near you and ask them if they need janitorial services. If you have friends and if your friends got friends of their own, give them a call. Spread the word. Your ideal customers are households with two working parents with a financial status of 35.000$ plus a year. However, you’re not limited to those.

After you get your very first clients, you can use the money you earned to expand your business. Again, take a look at our detailed guide for more information.

How to start a janitorial business – Step by Step

Starting a janitorial businessThe first thing you need to come up with when starting a janitorial business is the name of your business. Then you’ll need to go down the local County Clerks Office and register your name. If it’s already registered, you’ll have to come up with another one.

Then, you’ll have to open a business bank account for which you’ll need to deposit a minimum of 100$.

Then you have to get liability and bonding insurance to protect yourself and your firm from legal and other matters. Most insurance companies allow you to pay every four or six months. If you get the business rolling by then, the cost of getting insurance will be like a needle in the haystack.

That’s it, now you’re practically in business. Starting a janitorial business is just like any other business and getting some business cards is a must, ask anyone you want. However, you can get thousands of these for as much as three cartons of milk.

If you’ve been searching for how to start a janitorial business while having a capital to spend, read bellow.

How to start a janitorial business going big

If starting a janitorial business from home isn’t exactly the way you like things done, you may want information on how to start a janitorial business and instantly go big. In this case, you’ll want to educate yourself much more. You need marketing and sales skills and even if you’re already good at those, you’ll want to improve your skills to make the most out of your janitorial business.

To do that, you might want to read some courses / books covering such matters. Some of which you may find on our resources section.

You’ll also need to offer a variety of services and instead of just taking on work for households, expand into getting office, commercial cleaning jobs. Those require a certain level of professionalism but are very lucrative and, most of the time, they offer recurring, steady monthly payouts.

The equipment necessary is also more demanding, depending on the kind and variety of services your janitorial business is going to offer.

Marketing your business is another expense which highly depends on your goals as a janitorial business owner. You’ll want to brand your business, try working with realtors (for getting cleaning jobs on a regular basis), construction companies, bid for cleaning work on community / state buildings such as schools, hospitals as well as small businesses like restaurants, cafes etc.

Either way, make sure you read our comprehensive guide on starting a cleaning business. It has all the information you need to get started.


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